5 reasons Facebook now owns WhatsApp

We’ve all been thinking it – $19billion – WHAT?!


So why has Facebook bought WhatsApp for that amount of money? Here are five good reasons apparently:

1. Filling any global gaps – there are many places around the world where WhatsApp is the leader in social messaging. And everyone’s been saying it, but maybe not 100% knowing it – facebook’s growth has been slowing down somewhat recently.


2. To have a clean, ecosystem free messaging service. You see WhatsApp has no ties to anything else and is simply replacing SMS and MMS – we’re all trying to get bigger data bundles rather than more text messages on our contracts after all.

3. Mark Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur – and a serial one. He isn’t buying WhatsApp or Instagram so that he can integrate it with Facebook. With these three he now has 2 billion active users – he’s building a tech empire!

4. In case someone else did! There was plenty of competition and Facebook didn’t want to miss out. Google, according to Business Insider, offered $10 Billion to buy the messaging app. Rumours also have it that Apple were interested in buying.

5. To show off! Facebook getting WhatsApp is the biggest and some might say boldest tech acquisition in history. It may have cost a lot, but so does any good marketing campaign.

That’s our insider….

what do you think about the billion offer deal?

the iamsociable team x


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