4 Free Tools to Watermark Your Images

These days, it seems like everything is shared in the blink of an eye. Our computer screens are cluttered with images of a thousand cameras, each vying for our attention and promising to be more valid than the last. With tools like Instagram and Tumblr at the end of our fingers, there has never been an easier time to share images with an audience. On the flipside, however, this means that there has never been a time more rife with fraudulent claims of ownership and origin. The ease with which we can access reams of images means that it has become simpler than ever to pass of the work of others as our own. If you’re an image maker, this is hardly new information.


Image makers need never fear of sharing their work with these handy and free tools.


There is a way, however, to stake your claim on your own work, to make your mark and leave no doubt to the ownership you hold over it. Watermarking your images is a simple and highly effective way to lay a claim to your own work, simultaneously marketing yourself whilst ensuring that others don’t try to steal it for themselves. Whilst this may seem like yet another task to add to your already lengthy lists, never fear: Here at iamsociable, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, scouring the internet for the best, free watermarking tools.


Visual Watermark is first on our list as it’s a simple, quick and foolproof way to watermark your images in the drop of a hat. The software runs for both PC and Mac technology and comes in a number of different versions. Whilst the free mode got our attention, you can upgrade to different packages which enable you to run the software on more computers.


Focus on the things that matter with the worry-free watermarking tools.


Watermark-Images.com is another easy and free tool that will get you running in no time at all. The site allows you to customer your watermark, picking your own font, design and placement. Who knew that watermarking could be an art form? Like Visual Watermark, the site allows you to upload multiple images, dealing with the boring stuff quickly so that all you have to worry about is producing great content.


For the variety connoisseur, why not try Watermark WS? It offers the same services of the previous sites, as well as the ability watermark animated gifs and produce your work in high definition. Not too shabby for a free service.


Finally, Pickmarkr is a great tool to claim ownership to your work and add any comments to your image. The site is also equipped with its own blog, featuring software updates and future announcements.


Sharing images has never been more easy and thanks to the tools above, claiming ownership has been made incredibly simple. All that’s left is to go out there and get creating! Show us what you have got and emblazon it with your name for all the world to see.

‘Till next time, the iamsociable team x

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