How to Set Up a New Startup and Become a Successful Entrepreneur


You’ve got the idea, you’ve done the thinking, you’re already inspired. But how do you go about turning a thought into a reality? How can you turn your inspiration into a successful startup? 2015 is a great time in which to be an entrepreneur; there are countless free tools and resources available to enable you to move forward with your dream. Sometimes, though, it’s a struggle to see the woods for the trees and whilst the sheer volume of available tools is incredible, it can also feel a little overwhelming.

Before we get carried away with ourselves, it’s good to compartmentalise and take each step as it comes. Rather than being consumed with the bigger picture, take small steps to ease your brand into growth. Whilst it is tempting to put everything into a ‘grand opening’, allowing your brand to grow steadily will have much more lasting results. Overnight success is a rarity; give your business time to grow incrementally and allow yourself to grow with it. It’s not all about the race.


Keeping a tortoise mentality may be tough but slow and steady really does win the race! 

Likewise, it isn’t all about winning. Not straightaway, anyway! Setting yourself consistent goal posts and milestones is not only a great way to watch your startup grow but also, will be a great incentive for you when things are a little quieter. Small, gradually building milestones will mean that when things become really big, you won’t even notice the change. 

We know the power of social media at iamsociable and we love discovering new ways to share great content! Social media is the best way to get to know your audience and to build your customer base. Whilst Facebook and Twitter accounts are essential, it’s worth branching out into a number of different social media platforms, regardless of your business type. Instagram is a great way to show behind the scenes shots of your brand or just to offer a more personal side of yourself. Pinterest is useful for connecting with others and creating a sounding board for your brand. Whatever you decide to use, don’t overlook the power of a great social media campaign. 

Social media is a great way to get to know your audience and your target market. When we set on a new venture, we often set ourselves the impossible challenge of getting the whole world interested in our product when in order to succeed, we only need the attention of a certain market! Don’t be afraid to brand yourself in a way that feels true to you and your audience. Not everyone will like it but that’s what makes us all unique!


Finally, don’t forget to have fun with it! We can be overwhelmed by logistics and analytics, blinded by numbers when we should be focusing on the heart and soul of our startups. If you’re here, it’s because you have been inspired and want to make your own mark. Stay true to yourself and build the brand that you have envisaged!

We at iamsociable are a team of creatives and would be more than happy to talk through any aspect of your startup idea or journey with you. We’ve been through the same highs and lows and are always excited to help the next generation of entrepreneurs find their success and find #yourtrue. 


Happy planning! Be and do #yourtrue…

The iamsociable team x

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