iamsociable workshop: Introducing #yourtrue : The Notes

Last week saw Bristol’s annual Digital Week take place around the city, an event which brought entrepreneurs and startups together with a series of workshops, networking events and discussions. Of course, where innovation and entrepreneurship goes, iamsociable is not far behind and we used Bristol Digital Week as a great way to get to know a few more of you guys!


On Friday, Natalia, our founder, set up and carried out a free iamsociable workshop, designed specifically to help startups introduce themselves both online and offline. The workshop lasted for an hour and was a  whistlestop tour of the networking world, covering pitching your idea, introducing your business and making connections in lasting and meaningful ways. Following the workshop, there was a networking event at the Watershed cafe which enabled the participants to take what they had learned and put it into action, for real!


Networking with industry professional at the Watershed, Bristol.

We must say, our participants did absolutely brilliantly in the networking event and branded themselves incredibly well. The event marked the end of Bristol Digital Week and was therefore very busy – a great way for our participants to link with lots of new entrepreneurs and businesses!

Meeting some of you entrepreneurs was absolutely lovely and it was incredibly inspiring to be in contact with such great ideas! In order to share the experiences of our workshop, we asked each participant to share a few words about their experience, what they had learned and what they would hope to gain in the future.


The Station – workshop HQ

Charlie Bradley of Women Outside the Box told us how she wanted “to find the right words to know how to introduce myself at networking events” and that “being able to talk in the group […] and being able to help others too” really helped her during the workshop!

Lidia Drzewiecka who is in the world of visual advertising wanted to learn how to “get inspired and learn”. The workshop helped Lidia to “[come] up with a short description of who I am and what I do” and Lidia told us how “Natalia really inspired me and got me on the right track with my business”.

We asked Ottavia Tracagni, a graphic designer and illustrator about her experience in the workshop. Ottavia wanted to “simplify my statements when I need to introduce myself” and learned how to share pitches with the group.

Another graphic designer, Aaron Joll (a very creative bunch!) told us how he found it useful to hear from Natalia as a leader and enjoyed learning how to “describe what I do in a short sentence”.

Finally, Sophie Willoughby, an artist, learned how to define “how I deliver my ‘line’” after wanting to discover how to introduce herself and network more effectively!


Our lovely entrepreneurs!

Thank you to everyone that came to the workshop in Bristol! We really enjoyed getting to know some of you a little better and helping you on the path to your dream. We will be conducting further workshops in the following months so if you missed out this time, there will be lots more going on in the following months. In the mean time, keep creating and watch this space!

Upcoming Workshops this March will be in: Bristol, Bath and Exeter! Keep an eye out on our eventbrite page here >> 

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