How to Find Your Customers for Free

A good business or startup revolves around a solid, regular customer base. Even if you have the best product, or you might be the most sustainable, fashionable, innovative or hard working, if you don’t have the customers, your business will not go far. Establishing and maintaining a positive customer base with whom you have a good relationship, then, is key. Luckily for you, now is a great time in which to launch a new business and garner a dedicated following; transactions are increasingly digital and there is a huge market of people looking for unique services and products, itching to discover something new and innovative. Luckier still, there are dozens of free ways in which you can reach out to a wider audience and discover customers that you never knew existed! In order to make things easier still for you, we have compiled a list of the best way to reach your customers – for free! Pens at the ready, entrepreneurs, you’re going to want to take notes.



Social Media

Yes! Social media is possibly the easiest, most accessible way to reach huge numbers of people without ever having to change your location. In order to thrive in business, it is essential that you have your social media strategy down to a T. Customers want to hear all about your business so whilst Twitter and Facebook are great tools, you might want to look into blogging as a means to tell your story or Instagram as a way to look behind the scenes. What’s more, your customers will want to talk to you through social media. Use your platforms as a way to do market research; understand what your customer expects from your brand or is looking for in a particular service. You can understand exactly what they want, directly from them. Once they feel you listening to them, they will be much more inclined to invest in your business, pushing it into success!



Whilst optimising SEO seems like a laborious task, it is invaluable in gaining custom and attracting interest towards your site. The higher up your company features on web search engines, the more authentic and established it will seem to browsers. Just changing the name of your website, or targeting blog posts with specific wording will allow you to reach people who would benefit from your product or service. More traffic equals more custom and that’s what we’re interested in!


The world’s a big place but in order to SUCCEED you only need tap into a small market



Whilst the internet is a wonderful and essential tool for a new business, nothing really beats good old fashioned, face to face networking. Whilst the thought of entering a room full of business professionals may seem daunting, there are many ways round the intimidation. Local networking societies or meetup groups are a fantastic way in order to meet people in a similar field to you, or who might benefit from your service all in a smaller, more digestible setting. Initiating yourself in the networking scene through smaller events is a great way to figure out your business pitch, meet potential customers and establish yourself on the scene.


Free Business Listings

You can use Google Local Business Centre in order to create a free business listing. When users in your area search Google Maps for local information, they will automatically be shown information about your business and how to find it. This is an easy and free tools to shout about your company to the local community, become an established part of the social business scene and ultimately, thrive.

Shout about your idea!

Shout about your idea!


Online Groups

Much like networking, online groups are a wonderful technique to let online users know that you exist and are open for business. Searching for related topics in Google Groups or Yahoo Groups can help you to target users with similar interests to your company and interact with them. You can use this as a free way to do market research, fine tune your services or simply inform potential customers that you exist. Build your reputation as an expert in your specific field and guide users back to your website and business.


Finally…. Write About It!

We all know the value of blogging and writing; at iamsociable, we can’t heap enough praise on this way of marketing. As an entrepreneur, you are the best person to market yourself; there is no-one more invested in your business than you are. Shout about it! Make others feel the same passion that you feel when you wake up everyday, show customers why they should be excited too! Blogging is such a great tool and can be used for multiple things from creating how to guides and building your expertise, to writing about your products or services to linking to related articles and issues in the current climate. The world really is your oyster; write about whatever makes you passionate.


So there you have it. A brief but invaluable guide to finding your customers for free and expanding your company. Of course, sometimes we all need a little more guidance and if that’s the case, iamsociable is here for you! We have multiple tools and packages created specifically with creative entrepreneurs in mind. Whether you need guidance with social media, writing, or just need a sounding board, we are here for you. Take your idea in your hands and form it into exactly what you want it to be!

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