Getting Your Idea Online

Having an idea and putting that thought into action are entirely different things. Whilst coming up with the idea can be the hardest part, it is equally important that you brand it in the right way and put it forward on the right kinds of platforms to capture your audience. Sometimes, you can think about an idea too much and be frightened to put it out there for the world to see. What if it isn’t right? What if people don’t respond? What if things don’t work? “What ifs” are the downfall of the best of us and can prevent us from doing the most amazing things! If you’re weighed down by “what ifs”, try shifting your view. What if it works amazingly? What if I reach more people than ever before? What if my idea blossoms online?


Here at iamsociable we’re all about doing rather than over-thinking; if you have an idea and you have thought it through, then put it out there! You never know what will happen until it happens; don’t use your fear of the future as an excuse to not try.

There are countless ways to get your idea online and there is truly something for everyone and every brand. Whether you’re an artist, a clothes maker or a writer, there is a way to find your audience and to thrive in business!

Social Media

Yep, we’re talking about social media again! There is reason in our repetition; social media is perhaps the easiest and most effective tool you can use in your online strategy. Not only are tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram a wonderful to reach a huge amount of people, they are brilliant ways to conduct market research. Open a conversation with your followers, ask them what they think about a certain topic or what they would like to see from you. Interacting with your customer will not only enable you to fine tune your brand, it will also create a more loyal and invested following.



Once again, blogging is something that we talk a lot about. In the current market, blogs are incredibly lucrative and if you garner the right kind of following, can be a huge boost to your business. Regular blog posts are a good way to build a following and setting specific publishing days will mean that you audience will come to expect your posts. Whilst regular blogs may seem like unnecessary extra work, they will pay off hugely to your business.


Show us the world the way that you see it!

Web Platforms

We’ve spoken about blogging platforms before but there are countless other website building tools focused towards other types of brands. Platforms like Shopify and Moonfruit are easy and accessible ways to build a website, online shop and reach a huge audience. Moonfruit has Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools built in so it is incredibly easy to track your customers online. Shopify makes payments simple by linking instantly with Paypal. Selling your product is simpler than ever; your audience is always accessible.


Don’t be afraid to take the plunge!


If you were a Serial fan, you might already be aware of Mailchimp but just not have an idea of what it actually does. Mailchimp is a smart and free tool which allows you to design email newsletters, share them simply on social networks and track your results. The service allows you to reach large mailing lists at one time, offers a huge range of professional email templates and install sign up forms directly on your website.

So now you have the tools in place, it’s time to get your idea out there! As ever, we are here to make your venture into creative business a little easier and offer a number of marketing services on our website. It’s time to take your idea into your own hands and present it for the world to see! What are you waiting for?

‘Til next time, the iamasociable team x

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