How to Find #YourTrue

At iamsociable, we believe that everybody has the right and the power to follow their own dream. Whether it’s building a new business, going on a travel adventure or simply creating a life with which you’re contented, we feel that, if it’s what you dream about, you should do it. Of course, we know also that some things are easier said than done and whilst you may have the idea or the starting point, sometimes other things can get in the way of progress.


YourTrue is out there! Take the plunge.


Often, we can be our own worst enemy and although we may have the best intentions, the niggly voice in our head can stop us from doing exactly what it is we want to do. Overcoming self-doubt and finding your true is a journey, not an overnight fix and even though some of us may seem to have it all sorted, it is a thing which we all need to work on, everyday. We’re not claiming to have all the answers nor to have sorted it for ourselves but we do believe that by trying to stick to the following points, you will be able to become more balanced and discover your true.


Whilst building a business or planning a new phase in your life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the things you have to do. Technology has made it increasingly easier to be linked to the world and whilst you might be physically in a certain place, more often than not, your mind is elsewhere. Try to take time away from everything at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be for long periods of time; just 20 minutes away from superfluous distractions will help to clarify your mind. Spend a little time with yourself and listen to your thoughts. No internet, no phones, no distraction.


Clear your mind each day. No distractions.


Listen to your gut. It’s a huge cliche that your instinct is always right but we think that cliches only come about because they are inherently true! You know what is right for you, you know if you should go ahead with something or are heading on the right path. If your gut tells you that something is wrong, don’t brush it off. Similarly, if you know that something is right, go with it. Your gut is telling you that for a reason, don’t underestimate your own instincts.


Focus on what makes you YOU! Your truth will be completely unique and therefore, it’s important that you recognise and truly appreciate your own, wonderful, unique appeal. You are like no one else on this planet and that is something that you should celebrate everyday! Try telling yourself something that you love about who you are each day. Whilst it may feel strange in the beginning, it will soon start to become a habit. Eventually, you won’t need to remind yourself as it will all just come naturally! No matter how small a thing, celebrate one thing about who you are everyday.


After each day, write a list of everything that worries you or that you feel you need to work on. Putting pen to paper is a great way to unload any distractions or superfluous doubts which are preventing you from moving forward. Making worries into a list will also enable you to consider what you need to work on from an objective viewpoint; lists are there to be worked on, after all!


The following morning, make a separate list on how you aim to work on the things which are worrying you. For every negative point, make a constructive, positive counterpoint. Even if you don’t get everything solved in one day, seeing the list getting ever shorter will be a great incentive to keep growing and moving forward.

Finding your true is something which we have to work on everyday. What is right for us now won’t necessarily work a few years down the line. Take the time to get to know yourself and how you think and feel. Your true is out there, so what are you waiting for?

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