Branding Your Business


Sometimes, it’s the nitty gritty which really gets in the way of moving forward. We spend hours and hours thinking of a business plan, formulating the idea and when it comes to putting it all together, we stumble. When we create something close to our hearts, it is often the small details which trip us up and rather than putting something out there which is not 100% perfect, we go back to the drawing board, time and again. Whilst it’s normal for us to be picky when it comes to branding our business, sometimes it’s better to dive into the deep end and make alterations along the way. Pretty lucky, then, that there are loads of free tools out there designed to make our lives a little easier when it comes to branding our companies and moving forward. Take our word for it, you’re going to want to remember these tips for the future. Pens at the ready…


There are a whole host of logo platforms out there, designed specifically to create bespoke images to match your company aesthetic. Many sites offer free logo services with the option to upgrade for higher definition, more colours and further branding options. Some of our favourites include Squarespace logo generator, Withoomph and Hipster Logo Generator. Enter your information and play around with the visuals to your heart’s content.



We know as well as everyone else just how hard it is to come up with a business name that works. You play around with phrases for endless hours, shifting and restructuring the words until nothing seems to make sense any more. Of course, they’ve built an app for that too and now, you can use name generator platforms for free to make your life a whole lot more easy. Sites like The Name App, Naminum and Impossibility are really quick and simple to use and will get you moving forward in no time at all!



Sometimes, it’s not the name or logo which are problematic, it’s the ability to come up with fresh regular content. When the world moves according to the digital age, it can often feel hard to keep on top of current trends; the pressure to come up with original content can often prove too much. Of course, there are plenty of ways around that, too. Websites specifically formulated to help you to come up with content for your website or blog are out there and they’re just waiting to be used! We recommend Portent, Swayy and Google+ What’s Hot for staying top of the digital market.



Like everything else, there are lots of design tools which will help you to customise your brand’s colour scheme, formulate a visual plan and make things look completely professional, all for free! If design is not your thing, look no further than Material Palette, Coolors or Paletton, sites which function to make visuals that bit easier.

Of course, there are many parts which go into building a brand and whilst looks aren’t everything, they will certainly give your customers a good initial idea of what you’re all about. Do you have any favourite tools to use? Comment below and help to spread the word!

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